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Château Galoupet

Leading the way in quality and environmental protection

Château Galoupet is located in the oldest wine region of Provence. Cru Classé wines have been produced here since 1955. Three years ago, the renowned winery was taken over by Moët Hennessy. Their goal: to make exceptional quality wines with the greatest respect for the environment.

«At Château Galoupet, we believe that re-establishing a dialogue with nature is fundamental. Both to preserve biodiversity and to be able to make exceptional wines of the Côtes de Provence», says the winery. The estate is to become a resting place for migratory birds and home to hundreds of insects and reptiles. 

Just how serious Château Galoupet is about sustainability becomes clear when you hold the bottles in your hands. Here, too, the most environmentally friendly solutions have been sought, because the majority of a wine's CO2 emissions occur during packaging and transport. Today, the Château can claim to have designed the most sustainable wine bottle in the world for its Rosé Nomade: It is made of 100% recycled PET collected from coastal areas. Its light weight and flat shape save emissions during transport. Incidentally, this packaging has no effect on the quality of the wine, as this rosé is intended for immediate consumption and not for years of storage. 

The Cru Classé, on the other hand, continues to rely on a glass bottle because it is intended for those very special cherished moments. However, this bottle is made of 70% recycled glass and is lighter than ordinary bottles. Partially barrel-aged, this rosé is full-bodied, complex and with a mineral finish reminiscent of the Mediterranean sea breeze. World class!