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Favorite Wines

What we like to drink best

As different as we wine merchants are, we are united by our joy in a good glass of wine. These are our personal favourites!

«Leonardo da Vinci would have loved this... Tradition in a modern guise, cultivated close to nature and carefully pressed. Full-bodied, concentrated, with a typical cherry flavour.»



«An incredibly soft yet full-bodied wine. Flavours of berries, chocolate, and dried fruits. A Syrah in top form, offering unique quality in this price range!»



«No other wine radiates more pleasantness! Its flavour is reminiscent of sweet summer fruits, silky smooth and harmonious. It’s simply impossible not to fall in love with Elena from Piedmont!»


Product Management

«Esporão is one of Portugal's leading wineries. This Reserva will impress you with both its rich and complex flavour, as well as the artistic design of the label.»



«Butter and juicy peach on the nose - with the vanilla notes typical of Californian Chardonnays from the cultivation of wood. A powerful white wine that also wins over red wine drinkers!»



Bottle of Cuvee blanche Valais AOC from Conviva

«As fresh as the mountain air, as Swiss as the Matterhorn. With its fruity richness and harmonious structure, it crowns your best moments of enjoyment - from aperitifs to cheese platters or dinner.»



«Majori is a Super-Tuscan with depth. This organic wine will impress you with its simple elegance, complex flavour, and pleasantly soft structure with plenty of power.»


Co-Ceo & Co-Founder

«The Crianza from the highest winery in the D.O. offers everything you could wish for from a Ribera del Duero: it has clear fruit, and feels both fresh and elegant. An insider tip!»


Co-Ceo & Co-Founder

«A high-quality southern Italian wine with a dark sweetness and complex, fruit-accentuated flavour. The Mavrio is like bottled sunshine! An extremely versatile food companion.»



«12volts - a good charge of energy. If you believe the Mallorcan cult winemaker Francesc Grimalt, this fine wine short-circuits the nervous system and recharges the batteries.»



Bottle of Sienta Rouge from Sienta

«Fruity, well-balanced red wine from Valais. With its downy-soft tannins, it goes perfectly with a rustic cheese fondue, raclette, or cold platter. »



«Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Chasselas beautifully combined. Fresh, sparkling, and cheerful - a prime example of the work of the new generation of German winegrowers.»


Product Management

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