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Most important grape variety in Rioja

The Tempranillo vine is the undisputed number one in Spanish viticulture. It provides the basis for the best Spanish red wines, such as the famous Rioja. Tempranillo wine is usually blended (mixed) with wines made from other grape varieties to achieve the best taste results. However, in recent times, the single varietal Joven wine has also been increasingly produced, which – as its name suggests – should be enjoyed young. Outside of Spain, Tempranillo cultivation is also important in Argentina.

Recommendation: Tempranillo – the proud Spaniard. The Spanish national grape Tempranillo produces deep red wines with fruit notes of ripe strawberries and plums. Tempranillo is increasingly also aged in oak barrels, which has a decisive influence on the taste of the wine: In addition to the initial fruity notes, vanilla, smoke and toast notes accompany typical Tempranillo wines such as red Rioja. You will enjoy a Tempranillo wine with Spanish tapas as well as with lamb, grilled meats or vegetarian dishes.