These were our wines of the year 2022

Best sellers

These wines were the most purchased last year. Hundreds of satisfied customers are the most reliable guarantee of enjoyment. With these top sellers, you'll never go wrong.

Trend setters

What moves the wine world: What can you currently find on the wine lists of the world's hottest wine bars? What's going on in the wine world? We've tracked down the trends and selected some highly recommended wines for you. Have you ever tried Orange Wine or non-alcoholic Riesling? Now's the time!

Winemaking Geniuses

Wine from good ideas: These winemakers are strong personalities with special visions and stories. They go their own ways and create unique wines. We have portrayed them in our Flaschenpost magazine, here you can learn more about these extraordinary people.


A treat for the eyes: Choosing wine by its appearance is a no-go? Not at all! Because the better we like the label, the better we like the wine. An American study has scientifically confirmed this. With these wines, you're guaranteed to cause a stir – both when serving and when giving as a gift.

Favorite Wines

This is what we drink: We are lucky enough to be in constant contact with wine at work. Well, not quite in the way you might imagine. We package wine, recommend it, research it, import it... but of course we also like to drink our wines in our spare time. Here are our personal favorite wines!

Award Winners

Quality to the point: These five must-have wines have received high grades from notable critics, but don't cost too much and taste simply wonderful. Which wine do you score highest? The classic Rioja, the tasty Southern Italian, or the impressive Syrah?

Premium Wines

Magnificent taste experiences: For these great wines, it's worth digging a little deeper into your wallet. They open up completely new worlds of taste and let your senses dance. Happiness can be bought after all.


Focusing on the future: These winemakers also sometimes take unconventional paths to make wine in harmony with nature. Environmentally friendly working methods are the top priority at these wineries. So that future generations can also enjoy wonderful wine from healthy soil.


New wines on the way: These are our novelties of the year. At Flaschenpost, a new wine enters the store every hour on average. We taste particularly promising newcomers as a team. These five came, were tasted and won. You should definitely get to know them!