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Our non-alcoholic recommendations

Alcohol-free Options

Non-alcoholic wines more than just grape juice. The production process is the same as for alcoholic wine, except the alcohol is extracted using a variety of different processes. Our tip for a good start to your relationship with non-alcoholic wine: don't compare it to your ex. Then you can definitely find your happiness with these wines.

The uncompromising choice

In no time at all, this wine shows what it's made of - and it's not alcohol. Cero Coma from Valencia is the ideal non-alcoholic red wine that doesn't compromise on flavour. Fruity, sweet and light.


The sparkling choice

Alcohol-free, vegan, low-calorie, gluten-free and above all: really fizzy! The two Berlin-based founders of Kolonne Null know exactly how to get «0%» right, as their Cuvée Blanc has us thoroughly impressed.


The classic choice

With zero alcohol and 100% flavor, this Riesling really made an impression on us. Give it a try - one, two, Dry!


The connoisseur's choice

And Zero Point Five Points goes to... The non-alcoholic Pinot Noir from Leitz is highly praised: authentic drinking pleasure without the guilt. This is how to enjoy it.


The impressive choice

A Spaniard that knows how to impress, even without the alcohol. Aromatic and fresh - this Syrah can certainly hold a candle to its alcoholic friends.


Alcohol-reduced Options

«The gentle red, white & sparkling»