Dry January

After the many festive meals and the wild New Year's Eve party, many decide to kick-start the new year with a detox and, among other things, to go without alcohol for a month - or to at least reduce consumption. Sounds doable, but giving up wine altogether really isn't necessary. There are now good non-alcoholic and reduced-alcohol options available. Try dry!

Alcohol-free Options

Non-alcoholic wines more than just grape juice. The production process is the same as for alcoholic wine, except the alcohol is extracted using a variety of different processes. Our tip for a good start to your relationship with non-alcoholic wine: don't compare it to your ex. Then you can definitely find your happiness with these wines.

Alcohol-reduced Options


Conscious enjoyment at half the alcohol

Gentle Wine cuvées selected top wines and gently dealcoholizes them in a vacuum. Fantastic drinking pleasure and a full taste with only 6% alcohol. That's where «easy» takes on a whole new meaning!


Vegan food pairings

Eating vegan is not only healthy, but also delicious: discover vegan wines to pair with vegan dishes.