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No. 24

The voice of Sicily

«We are on fire for the wines of Donnafugata! Because they are full of poetry and warmth – just the thing for the cold season. We guarantee you happy holidays with our wine tips. Scroll through and be inspired!»

Dominic und Renzo


«Wine is a universal language like music.» – José Rallo

Donnafugata plays with fire

She is full of good ideas, bubbles with joie de vivre and represents her wines with a lot of fire: José Rallo. She is the face and the voice of Donnafugata. The winery was founded by her parents at the beginning of the 80s and since then has shaped the image of Sicilian wine. Today, the colorful bottles enjoy cult status among many wine lovers, and hardly any traveler will miss them in Sicily's restaurants and delicatessens. José is an innovative entrepreneur and artist who is making a splash and adding color to Sicily's male-dominated wine world. Together with her brother Antonio, she keeps the business on its toes. So in 2016, the two decided to expand Donnafugata and also make wine on the north side of the Sicilian volcano – in close proximity to the lava flow that terrified an entire village in 1981. A game with fire? Fear and fascination are close together here at the highest active volcano in Europe. The Etna DOC region is currently considered the hotspot of Sicilian viticulture, its wines captivate with exceptional elegance. The «Sul Vulcano» is a fresh red wine with aromas of wild berries and floral notes. Light, original and good-humored. In a way, a reflection of José when she is on stage with her jazz band and lends her voice to the wines. While the audience tastes Donnafugata wines, she emphasizes the character of the wine with her music. «I love to sing my wines», says the spirited Sicilian. By the way, she donates the money from these four-dimensional concerts to the Children's Hospital in Palermo. Applause!

«O Merry Wine Drinking Time!»

Whatever your personal ritual for the holidays:We have the wine to match. Swarm through our wine house and find your favorite wine!We wish you a wonderful time.

The rich

From this wine you will be richly gifted: with generous fruit aromas, lots of warmth and beautiful density. And all this at a price that does not make you think twice about opening another bottle.


The sparkling

The «Nudo» is not stingy with its charms: freshness and cheerful notes of green apple, stone fruit and flowers. On the palate, exuberant pleasure. Sensual and sparkling... Nothing can really go wrong with it.


The sociable

«Sienta» means «sometimes» to the people of Valais. Yes, sometimes happiness is perfect – despite over-excited children and a scrawny Christmas tree. It's these rough edges that give life its color. A white wine with tangy sweetness.


The Brave

This Syrah is produced like a normal wine. Only before bottling is the alcohol removed from it by an innovative process. For those who want to give up alcohol on the holidays, but not wine.


The brilliant

Simply a sinfully good Primitivo... Its fruity bouquet with a hint of anise makes it really Christmas, the pretty, gold embossed label does the rest. Good quality at a fair price!


The Flaschenpost team member

This wine is the culmination of our friendship with the Spanish winemaker Juan Luis Cañas. 10 selected barrels he reserves every year just for us. A premium wine at a friendship price.


«In the land of good taste»

G22 is the name of the best white wine from the Basque Country

Nowhere does cooking enjoy such a high status as in the Basque Country. This is reflected, for example, in the fact that the kitchen is traditionally located in the middle of the house. Or that an exceptionally large number of top chefs come from the Basque Country. The typical thing about Basque cuisine is that it is always limited to very few ingredients – and usually dispenses with spices. In fact, the gardens on the Bay of Biscay produce incomparably tasty products. One who has perfected the art of these authentic flavors is Eneko Atxa of the Azurmendi restaurant in Labarretzu near Bilbao. The restaurant not only has three Michelin stars, but also its own greenhouse, vegetable garden and associated winery. And what applies to Basque vegetables and meat also applies, of course, to the wine specialty Txakoli: This white wine impresses with particularly intense aromas. While Eneko creates avant-garde appetizers in the kitchen with incredible precision and a love of experimentation, his uncle Gorka Izagirre does the same in the wine cellar. With a lot of patience, the renowned winemaker observed, tasted, selected – and finally created the G22. It was his goal «to capture the essence of the grape variety Hondarrabi Zerratia and bring it into the bottle». In doing so, Gorka Izagirre elevates Txakoli to a new level. A must-have for every gourmet!

«Where water and wine never run dry...»

Miraculum honors the forgotten wonders of Manduria

Manduria – even the name sounds like something out of an ancient mythical tale. Indeed, the best wines of this region beguile us with their mysterious taste: hidden under the deep, dark fruit slumber wonderful spicy aromas as if from the Arabian Nights. With the «Miraculum» wines, the «Produttori di Manduria» have succeeded in capturing this magic. As a symbol of this, the «Fonte Pliniano» of Manduria can be found on the label. This fountain was built by the founders of the city in mythical prehistoric times and has puzzled people since ancient times: the source is located in an underground cave, which is reached by a staircase carved into the stone. When water is drawn from it, the basin immediately fills up again – but never overflows. It goes without saying that numerous legends are told about this magical place. The «Miraculum» producers attach particular importance to complexity and elegance: The wines are vinified dry, sweetness and acidity are nicely balanced. Although scientists have since been able to explain the miracle surrounding the fountain, it is still considered a symbol of nature's generosity. And as is well known, nature gives the Pugliese people not only water, but also the best wine.