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No. 34

At home in Tuscany

«As a young globetrotter from Japan, Hideyuki Miyakawa fell in love with Italy and decided to stay there forever. His wines are a testament to this great love for the country and its culture. We've always found it fascinating how wines speak different «languages» depending on their place of origin. Our full range features 34 different countries for you to choose from. We really hope you enjoy your personal journey of discovery through the world of wine.»

Dominic und Renzo


Bottle of Rubino Rosso Toscana IGT from Bulichella

The Miyakawa family's dream come true

It's an ordinary, gray morning in November 1960 when Hideyuki Miyakawa sets off for Turin to report on the Salone dell'Automobile. What he doesn't suspect is that this is the day that he'll meet not only the people who will shape his professional career, but also the love of his life. Maria Luisa Bassano is working at the auto show as a translator in order to finance an exchange year in Japan. Sparks begin to fly the moment the Japanese reporter and Italian university student set eyes on each other. In the months that follow, they meet up frequently and Hideyuki gets up close and personal with Italian culture: «I remember the first time I ate risotto. It was strange. For us Japanese, rice is sacred, and must always be pure. But within a short time, I learned to appreciate this wonderful Italian dish.» This constant readiness to embrace the unknown and broaden his horizons has been a defining feature of Hideyuki's life. This is ultimately how the Bulichella winery came to be. Hideyuki and his wife Mari Luisa decided in the early 80s to leave the city with their seven children and move to the countryside. They longed for a slower-paced life closer to nature. From the beginning they focused on organic farming, and were the very first ones in the area to do so. Today the Miyakawas feel deeply rooted in Tuscany. A quick look at the label on their Rubino says it all: Wild boars are the most emblematic animal of Tuscany, and of course it's no coincidence that the bottle shows a pair of them with seven offspring. Witty, amiable, and unique – three cheers to this unusual family of winemakers!

Bottle of Sa Fita from Es Fangar VinsBottle of Fangar Elements from Es Fangar Vins

«Ripe for the Island?»

These wines bring you the charm of Mallorca at home

Many hours of sunshine, spectacular coasts and paradisiacal coves... The island of Mallorca is a place of well-being without equal. Not only for people seeking relaxation, but also for vines. The location and climate of the island are ideal for quality viticulture. There are about 80 wineries on the island, yet Mallorca as a wine region is rather an insider tip. The reason is obvious: with around 15 million vacationers per year, most of the Mallorcan wine is consumed on the island itself. Yes, there's nothing better than winding down a vacation day in a picturesque fishing village – and enjoying a glass of local wine with dinner. One of Mallorca's most sensational wineries is Es Fangar. It's located in the southeast of the island. That's right, that's where the gorgeous swimming bays are. Here, away from the tourist hustle and bustle, you can experience the dreamy side of Mallorca. Almost half of Es Fangar's property consists of Mediterranean forests, where biodiversity is actively promoted. In addition, the winery relies on solar power and clean mobility. However, Es Fangar is not only trend-setting in terms of sustainability, but also in terms of the quality of its wines. The winery is state-of-the-art and enables precise work. This results in intense, lively, unique wines of the highest quality. This is what drinkable vacation bliss tastes like!

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