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Enjoy naturally – Organically produced wines

More and more winemakers are opting for organic farming. They want to preserve biodiversity and work in harmony with the environment. Wine is probably the most beautiful combination of nature and culture. Our selection of organic wines shows that organic viticulture and modern lifestyle are perfectly compatible. These wines have taken off their Birkenstock sandals and are now running in the fast lane.

But not all organic wines are the same. On the one hand, there is organic-biological cultivation, which renounces artificial aids during the entire production process. In addition, there are other ecological guidelines that must be complied with in order to be awarded an organic label (heating, transport). The EU organic logo, for example, guarantees organic cultivation. It is the EU Commission's seal of approval for foodstuffs from organic farming.

An organic label that is exclusively used for wines is «Delinat». In contrast to the EU organic label, the regulations regarding greening and irrigation are stricter. Also, the maximum values regarding the use of copper & sulfur application are set lower with this quality label. In addition, there are also social guidelines that must be adhered to in order to receive and keep a Delinat organic label.

Biodynamic farming, on the other hand, is even more demanding in terms of working in harmony with nature. This type of agriculture, founded by Rudolf Steiner, also includes spiritual considerations as well as taking the phases of the moon into account and works with special preparations to promote plant health. «Demeter» is the name of the recognized label for biodynamically produced food.