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Bottle of Villa Castiglioni IGT from Bisci

Villa Castiglioni IGT 2018 - Bisci

CHF125.70 for 6 bottles
  • 27.06.2024
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Item no. 1143420

Villa Castiglioni IGT 2018 - Bisci

About the wine

At the beginning of the 1970s, the two brothers Giuseppe and Pierino Bisci bought a piece of land in the Marche and have since then become one of the leading producers of Verdicchio di Matelica. For several years now, the almost 20-hectare winery has been led into the future by Mauro, one of the sons, with a breath of fresh air, new plantings, the conversion to organic viticulture and openness and curiosity in the cellar, e.g. expansion in cement tanks, are leading the way. Wines typical of the variety with abundance and a lot of structure, which are always deeply rooted in their homeland. A lot of Italy for little money.

BisciRed wine | 75cl13.5Sangiovese
Tasting note
Solipsist. First warm, dark charm, dark spice, coffee, wood, tobacco, then a self-absorbed, darkened face, barren, stricter, ash, then dissolved again, safe, at home in his world, gentle, dark, sweet fruit. Dark and tart on the palate, loner, it doesn't look good at all, with sweet fruit and soft gestures, but also a bright, vital and energetic side, lives intense, masculine, tart tannins, present acidity, earthy and barren, and behind it a bright, fresh red fruit. Fascinating, independent character with light and dark sides!
Culinary recommendation
Flaschenpost team tip: Villa Castiglioni IGT goes well with poultry, duck and slightly spicy red meat.
Selective harvesting by hand, separate, temperature-controlled fermentation in steel vats, aging and maturation for 12 months, partly in steel tanks, partly in small oak barrels. 6 months aging on the bottle.
More information
Allergy information: Contains sulfites

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