Blaufränkisch Gritschenberg

Blaufränkisch Gritschenberg2018- Weingut A. & H. Nittnaus

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  • 09.10.2023
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About the wine

Hans Nittnaus is a thought leader, a visionary, and a gifted winemaker. Anita and Hans run the 30-hectare winery biodynamically, the wines are full of life, extremely precise and completely unvarnished, also thanks to the very careful use of wood and the very moderate extraction. His son Martin goes even further towards minimal intervention. Fining, filtering, even adding sulfur are scrutinized here. With Nittnaus, you are never completely satisfied, always on the lookout for the perfect interpretation of the terroir and so often what you are looking for! tens of times and highly decorated with international awards.

Weingut A. & H. NittnausRed wine   | 75clAustria,   Burgenland13100% Blaufränkisch
Blaufränkisch Gritschenberg
The boat - dark calm, is it heat or cold Dark, calm, rich fruit, berries, almost silently calm and yet of immense power, then appears warm, even brown tones, but there is also a dark ethereal and mineral, almost clear cold, as if deep down. Cool dark power on the palate, very dark berry fruit, slides quietly, powerfully and with cutting minerality, dark-ethereal spice and freshness along the palate, firm body, substance and power, and yet this silent, elegant, steely, dark calm, clear, cool fruit. Outstanding, dark Blaufränkisch, comes from the very bottom, almost silently, with impressive substance and minerality. Very storable.
Flaschenpost team tip: Blaufränkisch Gritschenberg goes well with mushroom risotto, steak and lamb.
Selective reading by hand. Fermentation with the vineyard's own yeasts in wooden vats, maturation and maturation for 18 months, mainly in used 500 l wooden barrels.

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