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No. 28

The art of slowness

«Shifting down a gear. Pause. Being in the here and now with all your senses. Who doesn't wish for that? And is there a better moment than the holidays to practice conscious enjoyment? In this magazine, we present you with the right wines for the occasion. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you a wonderful time.»

Dominic und Renzo


Bottle of Esporão Reserva Branco DOC Alentejo from Herdade do Esporão

«If you're in a hurry, drink your wine slowly.» – José Roquette

Herdade do Esporão inspires mind and senses

When José Roquette acquired the historic Herdade do Esporão estate in 1973, the farm was in ruins. Today, almost 50 years later, it is one of Portugal's leading wineries. José Roquette's recipe for success? Slowness. For example, it took 12 years for Esporão to launch its first wine. «First we do better, then we do more», is the visionary's conviction. If you take that seriously, you need time and patience. That's why the winery's slogan is also «mais devagar», «always nice and slow». José Roquette proves day after day that these are not just nice words: «In the morning, I like to ride my bike around the Herdade and feel at one with everything around me. It's a feeling of belonging to something much bigger», says the 84-year-old. At Esporão, they are deeply convinced that only those who take their time can build a real relationship with their environment and their fellow human beings. In fact, in this large company, there is an unprecedented sense of belonging among the employees. Everyone here pulls in the same direction. The goal: to make the best wines. The motivation: To change the world with it. That Esporão is really serious about how they work, is evident from initiatives such as the «Slow Forward» movement. With this, the winery wants to inspire us to question the «ever faster, ever more» of our present. People and nature should be at the center of what we do. This has been proven to make people happier, according to a study by the University of Lisbon sponsored by Esporão. With its progressive corporate culture and commitment to quality and sustainability, the company has set the best example for other companies.

The label is redesigned every year.

Bottle of Esporão Reserva DOC Alentejo from Herdade do Esporão

Wine as a work of art of its time

José Roquette seems to playfully succeed in uniting the most diverse people. Perhaps because he was president of Sporting Lisbon for years? Or because he grew up as the oldest of 11 siblings? One thing is certain: he has a special connection with his people. Esporão has a climate of appreciation and respect. This framework is needed so that new, even unconventional ideas can emerge: «We encourage change and creativity». This is also evident in the wine: every vintage is allowed to taste different; nothing is standardized here. After all, wine at Esporão is seen as a witness of its time: what was the weather like, the mood of the people, what was happening in the world that year? That's why José Roquette thought it would be fitting to have the label redesigned year after year. Contemporary artists are invited each time to «portray» the Reserva line. In 35 years, a collection of completely different works has been created in this way, the original of which can be viewed at Esporão. «When you look at this wall of pictures, you get a deep insight into the wine culture of the Alentejo region», says oenologist Sandra Alves. Looking closely, interpreting what you see and thus becoming creative – in this respect, the oenologist's work hardly differs from that of an artist. With this Reserva, Sandra Alves succeeds in precisely bringing out the individual aromas and at the same time combining them into a harmonious whole. Comparable to the fascinating collage created by Lisbon artist António Poppe for the year 2017. What about us? Let's take the time to trace these aromas and let the visual world take effect on us! It's quite possible that we'll stop and take a closer look more often in our everyday lives.

Whether for the Christmas party with your family, as a guest with your in-laws or simply with friends at the kitchen table, you'll find the perfect festive wine here.

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Bottle of Lindes de Remelluri Viñedos de Labastida DOCa Rioja from Remelluri

«Finally arrived...»

Remelluri is a place of destiny for Telmo Rodriguez

It was a bit of a disaster for 5-year-old Telmo when his father bought a beautiful, ancient vineyard in Rioja in 1967. The Rodriguez family then moved from the Basque port city of Irun to the countryside: «It was a shock! We spent the first summers on Remelluri without electricity.» However, the simple, secluded life on the historic estate was an important lesson for Telmo Rodriguez: He developed a deep humility before tradition and nature. In retrospect, it was probably this very experience that laid the foundation for his unprecedented career. After studying oenology in Bordeaux, Telmo Rodriguez made a name for himself as a «driving winemaker» starting in 1994: He searched throughout Spain for forgotten wine traditions, restored historic vineyards, and rediscovered grape varieties that had fallen into oblivion. Not infrequently, he has thus helped entire regions to flourish. In 2010, the enterprising oenologist returned to Remelluri. The time was ripe to realize his vision of «authentic wines with the soul of their place of origin» also on his family's winery. Yes, the Lindes de Remelluri really transports the magic of this historic winery. It is a wine full of tension: youthful freshness next to tart maturity, a lot of joie de vivre paired with great seriousness, exuberance combined with reverence. One notices that a circle closes here for Telmo Rodriguez. We think one can even speak of consummate art.

Bottle of Malbec El Arenal Lote Especial from Bodega Colomé

«Where there are glaciers here, wines are produced in Argentina.»

Colomé convinces with exceptional high-altitude Malbec

Bodega Colomé is not only the oldest winery in Argentina, it also has the highest vineyards in the world. The Malbec El Arenal Lote Especial comes from grapes that grow at 2600 meters above sea level. At this altitude there are glaciers in our country, most of the alpine passes are less high. Even for Argentina, such an altitude is exceptional – and associated with some adventures. Bodega Colomé is located in the middle of the untouched mountain world of the Andes. It takes four and a half hours to drive the 220 kilometers to the next big town. The gravel road leads over narrow mountain passes, is interrupted several times by rivers, winds past imposing rock faces, crosses desert landscapes and cactus groves. You have to be very convinced of the quality of these vineyards to grow wine here! And Swiss entrepreneur Donald Hess is for good reason: Colomé has a full 350 days of sunshine a year. The sun’s rays are also extremely strong at this altitude, so that the vine have had to adapt to protect the seedlings by creating a particularly thick and dark skin.The wine is therefore deep dark and concentrated. The area is also arid, so the grapes are not prone to fungal diseases and thus there is no need for chemicals to be sprayed. Colomé is indeed the perfect place for viticulture. To see for yourself, you don't have to make an adventurous trip... just uncork a bottle of El Arenal Lote Especial!

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