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Benvenuti at Masi Wine House, where tradition and innovation merge. With a rich winemaking history dating back to 1772, Masi combines time-honored techniques with modern expertise to create exceptional wines that embody the essence of Italy's Veneto region.

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Masi Agricola: Dedicated to Amarone

The fact that the Valpolicella wine region and the grapes grown there have become famous worldwide is due in no small part to the House of Masi. The history of the winery begins in 1772, the year of the first harvest of the Boscaini family in the precious vineyards of the "Vaio dei Masi", a valley in the heart of the classic Valpolicella area. 250 vintages and much passionate work later, the sixth and seventh generations are already at work.

Sandro Boscaini and his children Alessandra and Raffaele have put themselves in the service of Amarone. They maintain the local tradition and reinterpret it again and again. To do this, the Boscainis spare no effort. In close collaboration with renowned universities, they are constantly developing viticultural and cellar techniques. They attach particular importance to appassimento, the secret of Amarone. This is the name given to the drying of the grapes before fermentation - a practice that has been cultivated since the time of the ancient Romans. It gives Masi's emblematic wines longevity, content and elegance.