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Pumpkin and wine

A fall love story

At the latest when the summer tan slowly says goodbye, it's time for the pumpkin season! We swap our flip-flops for rubber boots and get butternut, hokkaido, patisson and co. directly from our own garden or from the farm next door. That's why we prefer to combine the pumpkin from here with Swiss wine. Here are our favorite recipe ideas with the matching wine recommendations. So then - on the pumpkins, ready, go!

Pumpkin cream soup

Whether pure or refined with potatoes or Gruyère... The pumpkin cream soup belongs to autumn like the colorful leaves. With this classic we recommend the mild Cuvée Blanche from Conviva.


Pumpkin Spinach Lasagna

Lasagna also tastes wonderful in the autumnal version with pumpkin and spinach. We combine this delicious recipe with the floral Merlot del Ticino from Paolo Basso.


Pumpkin Risotto

In October, a «risotto alla zucca» must not be missing! And what comes from the south of the Gotthard, simply goes best with the wine from there. Our tip: The sensational Merlot «Ultima Goccia»!


Roasted pumpkin steaks

Oven-roasted butternut slices are a tasty alternative to meat - not only for vegis! In combination with a round, fruity wine like the Sienta Rouge a real highlight!


Pumpkin curry

Pumpkin also tastes wonderful as an ingredient in a curry. Mild white wines with a slight residual sweetness go very well with Indian cuisine. For example, our popular Sienta Blanche from the Valais.


Pumpkin Pie

Sweet or sour? Pumpkin also cuts a good figure as a dessert. We recommend Nadine Saxer's fresh, fruity Noblen Weisse to accompany traditional American pastries.