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Have you ever done a «Veganuary»? The term, a combination of «vegan» and «January,» is an annual challenge to start the year off eating vegan (or plant-based) foods – and the trend is growing quickly! After all, eating vegan is not only healthy, but also delicious: discover our best vegan wines to pair with vegan dishes.

With Chili Sin Carne

Don’t let its name fool you! This wine is not really a macho, but a nice guy – and just the thing with Chili Sin Carne. Intense flavors, smooth on the palate, and perfectly rounded tannins. Who says you can't show off your muscles while eating vegan?


With spicy pasta

As a mother of three, winemaker Rosalia doesn't always have time to make extravagant dinners. Luckily, vegan dishes like whole-grain pasta with spicy tomato sauce are both quick and easy. Combined with our award-winning James Suckling cuvée for a touch of elegance.


With vegan burgers

A different kind of burger. This month, we’re topping it with delicate oyster mushrooms. Enjoy with a glass of our complex Reserva from Portugal with a long finish. A guaranteed treat for the palate!


With Planted Züri Gschnätzlets

Züri Gschnätzlets, vegan style? Absolutely! Especially when paired with this incomparable Riesling. Like “Planted,” nature enthusiast Christoph Edelbauer has revolutionized his field in terms of sustainability. No wonder his wines are among our bestsellers.


With Tom Kha soup

Surprising, exotic, and unique: With its refreshing hints of lime, this Musgo is the perfect complement to a mildly spicy Tom Kha (the vegan version of Tom Kha Gai).


With baked veggies

Balanced and pleasantly fresh, this Prosecco rosé goes perfectly with baked vegetables. And not just because of the eggplant on its label! So simple, so exquisite.